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Rumson has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System – an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. This system allows us to telephone all or targeted areas of the borough in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action (e.g., public safety or other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is required).

The system is capable of dialing 50,000 phone numbers per hour. It then delivers our recorded message to a live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to any number. THIS SYSTEM WILL ONLY BE USED FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES.

Code Red replaces the previous Reverse 911 system which Rumson shared with other municipalities. All residents whose phone numbers were in the old system have already been entered into the new Code Red database. If you are not already in the system and would like to be contacted with emergency announcements, please click on the link below to enter your information directly into the database. This Residential Update link, below, allows you to supply your own information, which helps us ensure a more accurate database, and allows you to input unlisted numbers, cell phone numbers, or any other secondary number. This enhances our ability to reach you with essential emerency information.

Please click on the secure link below and take a moment to fill in the appropriate information to be notified by our local emergency response team of emergency situations or critical community alerts.

Click here to provide your information.

Thank you. It is our goal to keep all Rumson residents apprised of emergency conditions so that everyone stays safe. With the CodeRed emergency notification service, we continue to enhance our capability to do so.

Alert Tones and Descriptions

Click on the above link to see and hear the listing of the alert tones. We suggest that you familiarize yourself and your family with these tones.

Emergency Services

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